The Maxwell Group began publishing books in the early 1990s in Campbell, California. After moving to Sacramento The Maxwell Group grew from author(s) to publisher and to publishing services. Now, Maxwell Group has taken a back step and evolved into Earth Patch Press  and  continues with selling both educational and trade books and gradually introducing a few new stories.

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Earth Patch Press --                            

 Earth Patch Press, ​an imprint of ​Maxwell Group Publishing,
​(formerly The Maxwell Group, Campbell, California),  published children's books; memoirs; and has aided other authors in their creative stories.  The educational books, originally published by The Maxwell Group, have had second or third printings and are still available

Author Ruben Llamas created his West Oakland Memoir with editing help from Terry Burke Maxwell, who then published  ​​Eye from the Edge under Earth Patch Press. This popular memoir catches the eye of young adults, social science majors, job seekers, family groups, boxing fans, ball room dancers, and those curious about life in West Coast Twentieth Century from Mexico to California. You can contact author Llamas through our Contact Us form.

Author Terry Burke Maxwell wrote, and published, Animal Symphony, only after illustrator Jay Bishop, gave it the imaginative art work. This engaging children's book is for all ages but especially as a read-to or a dramatic read for grandparents or grade school reading theaters, and simply for everyone that likes animals, music, and a happy ending. Youngsters want to put it on their bookshelf after listening to a grandparent read it to them as a bedtime story! Animal lovers want to read it and wonder if some special animals will survive! 

AuthorTom Kando's book, Humanity's Future, seen on our home page was published by Tom through Create Space. We encouraged this very interesting science fiction. You can use our Submit Form to get a signed copy from Tom directly. This book is a must read for science fiction aficionados! His book is worth every penny! 

Educational books by Terry Burke Maxwell are listed under Educational Books above. Especially popular is The CompuResource Bookthat has been sold around the globe, now a classic of how teachers, and others began to use computers. Arithmetic In English includes index of math vocabulary and examples of traditional arithmetic in the USA.