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Activities for Any Age Learner

For Computer and Curriculum 

A Classic for middle schools -

Teachers' favorite

Sold around the globe

Varieties of tried and true activities
adapted to computers

 Activities that students enjoyed
while they learned about

basic computer tasks   

 Not just about math! 

Created with early computers in the 1990s in Silicon Valley!  Students learn how to really use a computer while they learn History, Art, Geography, Science, Language Arts . . . . and Math!  


ISBN 978-1-885401-00-7

ISBN 978-1-885401-11-3

English learners can work with tutors, teachers, or English speaking friends.​ 

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This material may be available online in various places but this spiral bound, printed copy is a valuable asset for substitutes. Many of these activities can be adapted to paper and pencil as well as with computers. Graphic Designers can be challenged to recreate some of these pages!

The CompuResource Book

Basic Math Skill Sets With Examples and Practice
 Fractions (ISBN 978-1-885401-02-1)

 Decimals (ISBN 978-1-885401-03-8)

Best with Middle School;
Written seriously without illustrations;
​Contains Challenges for interested students!   

Arithmetic In English 
A Math Vocabulary Workbook

satisfies different needs

of learning or recalling basic math.